Liquid Wrap Application Guide

The following is the application guide to apply easily the liquid wrap or (spray wrap) for cars. If any help is needed during application, we are here to help.



Other than liquid wrap (or spray wrap), we offer now 20 solid colours which enables you to make unlimited custom combinations. We also supply pearlizer powder to add a pearl effect to your dipping project. Reflective and iridescent colour powders including 5 types of chameleons which can be applied over a black or white base coat are also available.


Matte & Satin wrap finish without 2k Clear Topcoat

You can use our liquid wrap as is. This mean you can apply our peelable paint on your car directly without any body preparations.

Step 1

Your car needs only a good deep wash making sure old wax and polish are removed and mask all windows.
Dry the car in full and pay attention to small gaps. You can perform this step the day before, dry it, blow small gaps with air using the spray gun you will use and once you think is fully dry you can either leave overnight to make sure or if the weather is warm, you can start masking by making sure you only leave exposed the actual paint. Pay attention to gaps and possible past waxes still stuck there. 

Step 2

Once the car is fully masked, you can start with 1 light coat with a mist spray. Wait few minutes to dry.

Step 3

Your second coat will be wet (but not too wet). Wait around 20 minutes until fully dry. Repeat until you get at least 3 full wet coats minimum or 4 full wet coats if you wish to apply gloss or satin on top.

When you spray wet, you will notice a light orange peel. Don’t worry as this is normal. This peelable paint is engineered in a way that it self level and strings while drying giving you a super smooth finish even if you use a small electric spray gun. If you use a professional spray gun, you will end up with a finish almost like paint using a 1.6 tip. 

Your last coat needs to be sprayed with the same liquid wrap clear only, without mixing any colour.

Step 4

Get back to the masking tape touching the car body applied on step 1 and remove it immediately while the paint is wet.
If you have too many part to unmask when wet, and you run out of time, make sure you wet again the area otherwise the masking tape will pull the wrap from your car body. However if it happens you can quickly correct it by pushing it again with your finger and it will adhere on your car body again.

Step 5

Relax and wait approximately 20 minutes until everything is fully dry. Now you can remove all the masking and the car is ready to go.

No need to wait 2 days and use double the quantity like some other brands. This, once is dry, it’s done and ready to drive away!

This method will give you a satin finish and if the car is maintained right it will look great even after 4 years. No self peeling will happen until is peeled off intentionally or by accident. During the drying time process (and the self levelling), if it has to peel, it will peel while drying, so make sure the car corners have no grease, oils or like mentioned above, wax stuck in gaps and not cleaned properly. 

Once is dry, is locked and won’t move anywhere unless picked and peeled intentionally and time will only make it stronger.


Gloss & Satin wrap finish with 2K clear top coat

If you wish to have a total protection in either full high gloss or satin, you can apply a 2K high gloss clear coat on top as is formulated to match most of clear coats locally available to you. However we suggest to test it before applying on a full car.

For a gloss or satin finish, you still need go from step 1 to 4 as above and apply again fresh masking tape only to those parts touching the car body.

On step 2 (above) lay at least 4-5 full wet coats minimum instead than 3.

For a gloss finish: 

Spray 2 light coats of clear coat mist and wet. Spray the first one, then the second one when you touch with your finger and the clear lightly sticks on your finger. This time depends on the hardener you use and the temperature you have.

For a satin finish: 

You still use the same clear coat but add matting agent in it and spray the 2 last coats as explained just above.

Application of clear coating topcoat will extend the life of your dipped car by extra 6-8 years and will be chemical resistant. But it will mainly depends on the application, applicator and mainly the quality of the 2k clear coat. We tested and it works but we cannot guarantee same performances.

The amount mentioned above is the bare minimum but if you wish you can apply a bit more.


Permanent paint job

If you wish to have a permanent paint job, follow all the steps but only use enough liquid wrap just to cover the whole car with the desired colour. This will require around 2-3 liters of material for the whole car. Next step is to proceed with clear gloss application with any amount you wish. 

This low amount of liquid wrap with normal amount of clear 2k gloss or clear 2k satin on top with hardener will not peel.