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Liquid Spray Wrap 4 LT Ready to Spray

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4 Liters CLEAR MATTE Liquid Spray Wrap Ready to Spray

You will need to add colour pigment otherwise you can still use clear but the current colour will show and become matte. Widely used for peelable clear paint protection matte.

  • Quantity needed 50gr for each 4 lt

We strongly suggest to get more just in case you need or the existing one drops half way during the job. Also a bit more will give you reserve to fix scratches and have a prefect colour match or apply a refresher coat after 3-4 years.

Quantity required per vehicle

  • Small Car: 4-5 liters
  • Medium Car: 8-10 liters
  • Large Car: 12-14 liters
  • Large SUV: 15-16 liters
  • Medium Van: 18-20 liters
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